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With today being World Diabetes Day and how diabetes is the heart of our story, affecting owner Chris Goode's grandmother, Ruby Jean, at the age of 61 who passed away from diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure. We wanted to touch base on how juicing and adding juice into your diet can not only help control and manage your symptoms, but can prevent diabetes all together.

The World Health Organization recently shared a shocking statistic: 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. In the UK almost 5% of the population has diabetes and in the US almost 10% of the population has diabetes. These figures do not include the percent of the population that are pre-diabetic or don’t realize they have diabetes.

Its shocking to hear that 93% of the population who has developed diabetes (type 2), was caused by lifestyle choices - what they ate and how much they moved. So majority of them can manage and even prevent diabetic damage through diet and exercise. Those with pre-diabetes can stop it completely if they know the pre-determined signs and can change their lifestyle.

When considering adding juice into your diet to help manage or prevent diabetes here are some tips on the choices you should make:

• Include blended vegetables and fruits. Fiber from complex carbohydrates in the form of whole foods is KEY. It will help keep your sugar levels steady and by making your smoothie or blend with mostly vegetables, you will also lower the total carbohydrate amount while keeping the nutrient levels high.

• Pay extra attention to hydration and drink plenty of water. When you’re dehydrated, your blood is more concentrated and sugar levels can be higher.

• Stay active—exercise has its own way of helping keep blood sugar levels in check. While strength training is important, regular cardiovascular exercise has been shown to have the greatest positive impact on diabetic patients.

• Create your juices with more veggies than fruits, about 80/20 ratio.

Ruby Jean's Juicery would love to be apart of your healthy lifestyle change and can offer some tips and suggestions on what to drink from our menu. Our most popular choices are Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and Veg Out. Also consider our Beginner's Cleanse, to help detox, reboot and start that healthy lifestyle change.

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