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Spring is the season for transformations. The temperature rises, the withering trees and flowers are budding, and the motivation to get outside is in full force. It's not just mother nature in transformation, we are transforming our lives, too. Our bodies are in need of a good Spring Cleaning.

With the holidays, high calorie foods, and the winter blues behind us, and the Spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to revisit your fitness goals that you have been aiming for since the New Year. No more putting off that morning run because the roads are covered in ice or snow. Or no more putting off eating right because you have holiday parties to attend. The Summer is ahead of us, and guess what, time for that Summer bod you've always wanted.

Here are some great Spring fitness ideas to rejuvenate that motivation and freshen up your routine.

5 Spring Fitness Ideas

Train for a Race Spring is the ideal time to dust off your running shoes, hit the pavement and train for a race. Whether you're walking, running or a combination of the two, the weather is perfect. Plus now is the time to start training for late spring and summer races. Having a deadline like a race date looming over you might be all the motivation you need to stop hitting snooze each morning and make your workouts a priority. Bike It Spring is the perfect time to bring your bike out of hibernation, whether you like to bike casually on a local trail or more seriously by competing in races or even commuting to work. Pro tip, make it a goal to bike to work at least one day per week. The excitement of something different, fresh air while riding and knowing you're burning some calories is the best motivation to keep it up. Perfect a Sport

Do you have a desire to get outdoors this spring but don't know where to begin? Do walking, running or biking simply not appeal to you? Then why not try your hand at a spring sport like tennis, softball, golf or soccer! When you enjoy a sport and work to perfect your skills, the activity hardly seems like a workout despite having major calorie-burning and health-boosting benefits. Look for lessons with a pro in your area, join an amateur adult league (if you're the least bit competitive, it'll be a kick in the butt to motivate you to stay active and in shape), or play recreationally with friends or your family. Bring Your Workout Outdoors One fun way to liven up your exercise routine is to take your typical work out outside. Treadmill runner? Hit the streets for your jog, or go hike your local trails. Love kettlebells? Bring them to your backyard. Class regular? Look for outdoor boot camp classes in your area. Sometimes just changing your scenery can do wonders for your motivation. Try a goal to exercise outdoors (however possible) once or twice a week this spring.

Spring Clean Your Body with a Juice Cleanse Every year comes a time when your house or work space needs a good spring cleaning. The feeling of throwing away or donating unused items and organizing your space gives a whole new meaning to therapy. Its refreshing, motivating and rids your life of extra junk. Why not do the same for your body. Just like your house, your body is in need of a detox and with a juice cleanse, it can get rid of toxins/junk that are not needed in your body. This reboot can help push your Spring goals even further by feeling renewed, and losing a few pounds to kick start your new workout routine.

Take advantage of this lively season by injecting a little fun back into your fitness routine. Whatever goals you choose, share them with someone for accountability. Tell anyone who will listen and you'll be that much closer to transforming yourself and your future.

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