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Personal Trainer Spotlight - Patrick of Onelife Fitness

As some of you may have seen, Ruby Jean's Juicery and Onelife Fitness are teaming up for the month of August to provide to our community a Free "Fall Into Fitness, 30 Day Challenge" We want to give our participants a chance to gain knowledge from one of Onelife Fitness' top trainers, receive access to open group exercise classes at Onelife, discounts to Ruby Jean's Juicery and a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the month!

I sat down with Patrick from Onelife Fitness and asked him a few personal questions about training and if he had any tips for our readers.

Q: How long have you been a personal trainer?

A: 3 years

Q: How important is it to hire a personal trainer?

A: Having a Personal Trainer will change your life. It is also very important to make sure you have the right personal trainer so that they can help you maximize your results. They will help you with accountability with getting into the gym, create perfect workouts for your body type while teaching proper technique with exercises and learning all around healthy eating habits. In addition, a trainer can help their clients to overcome certain strength obstacles, help with muscle imbalances and the list goes on!! More importantly, let's set a fitness goal and let's smash it with success!!

Q: Do you specialize in any certain training styles?

A: Yes I specialize in running, kettlebells and TRX

Q. How many times per week is it important to train with your trainer, and for how long?

A: I will start by saying that every fitness goal will be different. But I recommend that people should train at LEAST 2 times a week for 30 min to a hour with their trainer so that they can focus on exactly what their bodies need.

Q. What is the best way to prepare for the first session?

A: I like to tell people that you should be ready to answer lots of fitness and health questions and wear comfortable workout attire. Also, don't forget the water bottle, it's Summer Time!!!

Q. What are some easy changes, one can make to their diet to accommodate their new routine?

A: A few simple ways, is to start with a Ruby Jean's Juicery Cleanse. Starting out with a cleanse will help rejuvenate the body and help detox and reset your system to go along with your new healthy lifestyle. For post workout or a meal replacement for lunch, I recommend a performance shake from Ruby Jean's Juicery as well. In addition, you have to start food prepping. I personally food prep every Sunday and I make breakfast, snacks and lunches for the week! It's convenient for being on the go, and to stay on track with your goals.

On the side note, few of my clients did the cleanse and the pounds dropped!!!

Q. What do you recommend to eat or drink pre or post workout?

A: I always recommend some sort of pre and post workout routine. For pre workout, start off with a cup of black coffee and a little snack, for example, fresh or dried fruit (dried fruit has a longer sleeve life) and avocado toast. For post workout I would highly recommend The Wolf or Slugger protein shakes from Ruby Jean's Juicery. They are very tasty and can help restore muscle after a solid workout.

Q. What can they do to stay on track, even on days off?

A: A simple way to stay on track with fitness is using whatever technology you have, for example, your cell phone. You can use this as a step counter, download any fitness apps, take pictures after a workout for progression or to send a simple text message to your trainer after your workout for accountability. Some other good devices are Garmin Watches or any other fitness trackers. At Onelife Fitness I can see when ALL of my clients check in at the front desk (Yes accountability) when they workout on their own. And on your days off from working out, you can food prep at home and/or call and make a juice cleanse order from Ruby Jean's Juicery (Yes this means you will not have to do dishes, awesome right!!)

Q. Do you have a favorite Summer Time workout tip or exercise?

A: My favorite summer time workout for myself for cardio is to just run, and sometimes up to 20 miles!!!!!!!! But I recommend to only run what your body can handle.

For resistance training, I love to combine TRX and Kettlebell workouts like below:

TRX squat to Row 15 reps

kettlebell farmer carry 10 yards

3 Rounds

TRX atomic push ups 10 reps

kettlebell swings 20 reps

3 rounds

TRX Burpees 10 Reps each side

kettlebell snatch 10 reps each side

3 rounds

TRX inverted Row 10 reps

TRX plank 30 sec

3 rounds

Kettlebell turkish get-ups

5 reps each side

3 rounds

**Don't forget to stretch and to get a protein shake at Ruby Jean's Juicery after that workout**

Q. Any other advice you would like to give?

A: Lastly, I would like to say is that working out is not easy and it's hard to keep pushing yourself when you start working out. Find a trainer that is a good fit for you at Onelife Fitness. Again, set a goal and you and your trainer will smash it with success!!

How bad do you want it!!!!

-Patrick Burkett

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