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Too Much Holiday Bustle? 5 Ways to De-stress and Savvy Tips on How to Stick with Your New Year's

Let's face it, no matter how hard we try to prep ourselves for the Holidays, chaos always arises. And with stress and chaos, it can make it a little hard to focus on the New Year and our goals within a week after Christmas. The countdown is on, there is just 3 days before the big day. With last minute shopping trips, dinner plans and outings, make the next fews days as stress-less as possible to start the last week of the year on target to rock those New Year goals.

1. Remember that Worrying Doesn't Help

We know it can be hard to not worry about the Holidays. Its so easy to get caught up in making everything absolutely perfect. STOP!! Worrying too much and negative thinking can trigger your body’s stress response and set off an unhealthy chain reaction in your body. Staying optimistic will help you think more clearly and get through challenges better. Practice deep breathing exercises when you start to stress or worry over something, take a break and do something that relaxes you like listening to music, reading a book, or taking a walk.

2. Keep Your Immune System Healthy

During the holidays, it's important to support your immune system. Be sure to take your vitamins loaded with Vitamin C, get good rest, and properly feed your body. Cold-pressed juice, like sold in our stores, is a perfect alternative for the convenience of getting in your daily fruits and vegetables on the go. They are packed with nutrients to support your body's health and very delicious. You should also consider taking on a juice cleanse. Detoxing your body, riding it of the over eating and treats from all of your holiday parties this month. Purchase your cleanse here -

3. Go Easy on Yourself

The last few days before Christmas are always the busiest. If you are hosting festivities at your home for your large family, be sure to designate duties to others, and not take on everything on your own. Don't put pressure on yourself to be perfect – throw the perfect dinner party, give the perfect gifts, and have the best holiday decorations. Sometimes, less really is more. Take care of your self first, heck, maybe even consider hiring a cleaning service to help take some pressure off.

4. Exercise

Physical activity like going to the gym, or lighter activity like yoga, can also really help with your stress. Get in that last minute workout session to sweat out the pains of shopping. Exercise promotes the release of hormones that improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety. If you are not a fitness enthusiasts, take a hike, walk or even de-stress by treating yourself to a massage.

5. Evaluate Your Resolutions

We know you are focused on Christmas for the next few more days, but sit down for 15-30 min and re-evaluate your new goals while also thinking about your New Year's resolutions from last year. Did they work? Did you stick to them? If you succeeded, think about what you did to set yourself up for that success. If you fell a bit short of your goals, consider why that happened. Were your goals realistic? Did you prepare enough in advance? Also, consider what you really want to achieve, not just what you think you should achieve. Get to the core of what would make you happy, healthy and less stressed in the new year, and lay some groundwork in advance to ensure success.

During potentially stressful times like the holidays, it’s more important than ever to keep a positive and grounded outlook. Take care of your body and mind and set realistic goals both for your holiday spending and your New Year’s resolutions. The above tips will help you combat stress and welcome the new year healthier and happier than ever.


Along with some of our de-stress tips, here are some quick and easy ways to stay on top of your goals:

1. Do it for yourself

2. Be specific on your goals

3. Set SMART goals

4. Work on one goal at a time

5. Make charts/lists

6. Make it a priority

7. Be accountable

8. Be patient

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