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Healthy Juices And Why Your Body Needs Them

You’ve probably seen healthy juice recipes on the web, and even stores that sell these mouth-watering drinks. The diet industry has put the juicing regimen on spotlight for years now, and fitness junkies are so favoring it. But what exactly is juicing? This is the process by which juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables, which are plant tissues. After being separated from the dry pulp, pour the juice on your cute container and your aesthetically pleasing, instagram-worthy drink is ready to be consumed!

Juicing is the perfect routine for a healthy diet because we all know that it is much easier to drink mixed celeries and cucumber than to eat them. Plus, digestion and absorption of nutrients are a piece of cake with this one! What else are the benefits that this diet method can provide for you? In this article, a few of the many advantages of juicing shall be discussed and shall convince you to include it in your healthy lifestyle.

Juicing gives you the opportunity to mix different fruits and veggies that you need. Consuming carrots and green leaves are made more efficient through it. In one sip, you can get a rich amount of vitamins and minerals from a variety of plant tissues.

As mentioned earlier, absorption of nutrients is made easier when juicing. This is because it requires less effort to assimilate and absorb vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients when insoluble fiber is already removed and the fluid parts are the ones that remain, as stated by Georgiou. Insoluble fiber is a type of fiber that is not taken in the bloodstream, and therefore adds bulk to your waste. This very helpful when you are stressed, suffering from an illness that affects the digestive system, or fatigued.

According to the American Fitness Professionals & Associates, juicing empowers the body with energy, vitamins and minerals, making an improvement on our immune system. When an increased amount of raw food is consumed, more nutrients are provided. And because the juicing diet can help absorb and use the nutrients more easily, the cleansing process happens within just a jiffy. The protection against chronic diseases is achieved with maximum productivity and minimum effort of the immune system.

As a really effective way to shower your body with the essential nutrients needed, juicing actually helps prevent horrible cancer. Cancer is usually caused by toxins that enter our bodies due to many factors, such as bad habits, environmental conditions, and, of course, the food that we eat. Prevention is better than cure, so to lower the risk of this disease, intake of the right amount of antioxidants from the juice of certain fruits and vegetables is needed. Antioxidants, according to the Rice University in Texas, are “involved in the prevention in cellular damage—the common pathway for cancer…”

The most popular benefit of drinking healthy juice is weight loss. This is why it is so crowd-pleasing and well-promoted by many. The detox method helps reduce weight by aiding in easy digestion, reducing cravings because it already loads the cell with everything you need, and turns off your appetite in a revitalizing manner.

Who would have thought that juicing can also give you mental benefits? These thirst quenchers serve as fuel for your brain as they aid in boosting memory, improving the mood, and even relieving stress. When your brain is flooded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, there is a higher possibility of better brain function, brain cell survival, as well as formation of new synapses.

Before starting your diet, take note that this nutrition method requires a juicer, instead of a blender which only liquefies the ingredients by grinding them up together. And there are different types of it, such as the centrifugal juice extractors which is more common, and the cold press juicer, which keep more nutrients intact.

You should also know the best fruits and vegetables for juicing. These all depend on what you want for your body. For instance, apples serve as good base for juices because they are great for reducing cholesterol and cleansing the digestive system. Meanwhile, broccolis are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C which is beneficial for preventing coughs and colds. Carrots are also common ingredients for juicing because of the yummy taste and the benefits they offer to the skin, brain, and eyes.

Drinking healthy juices could be tough at first, because who wants to drink grass, right? But once they start to be part of your ritual, your taste buds will adjust and you’ll be obsessed with making these nutritious and delish drinks. Soon you will notice the improvement of your mind and body, making you look and feel better about yourself!


Written by: Amanda Roberts /

Amanda is a gym instructor and a diet and nutrition fanatic that has reviewed 100s of supplements for the benefit of consumers. She struggled with obesity 7 years ago and after losing more than 30lbs, dedicates most of her time in helping others achieve similar results and transform their lives.

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