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2018 Wrap Up with Ruby Jean’s Juicery Founder Chris Goode “@genuinejuiceguy”

Hello friends!

As the visionary behind Ruby Jeans Juicery I tend to keep myself behind the scenes as much as possible. However, one thing I always enjoy is engaging with customers and feeling the pulse of the atmosphere in each store as often as I can. While I cannot meet all of you personally, I have decided to start a monthly blog. I feel it’s a great way to stay connected with our supporters and update you on the latest happenings; as well as share with you what I am up to. We are growing fast and I’d love to give you a peek through my lens.

Having never written a blog post before I thought I’d chat about my recent month long juice cleanse and my trip to the Goodnature HQ in Buffalo, NY. If you are not familiar with Goodnature, they are the leading cold press juice makers in the world and invented the first cold press machine a few short decades ago!

I have committed myself to juice cleansing quarterly, but at the end of each year I am taking the entire month of December to detox my body completely by doing our month long juice cleanse. That’s right an entire month of drinking only fresh juice!

So as I write this I am only a week removed from my annual month long journey, and guess what, I’m alive!!! In fact I feel more alive than ever before! I’ve done many juice cleanses but this one by far was my most successful! The one thing I did differently, this go around than prior cleanses, was remove meat from my diet nearly a month prior to starting my cleanse. So you must be thinking wait, no meat on Thanksgiving?! Yes none of my mothers amazing turkey or my favorite blackened salmon my fiancé makes.

So at the beginning of my cleanse where typically the food cravings are the worst, I just had to deal primarily with splitting headaches from the lack of caffeine. This is significant for me because being an early riser and having an on-the-go lifestyle I use black coffee, some would say excessively (3-4 cups a day 😳, yikes!!). But beyond that, my cleanse was mentally challenging. Having luncheons, holiday gatherings, being in the Ruby Jeans Kitchen and taking two trips were the hardest parts. All in all my energy is very high (sans coffee), my skin is clear, my mood is better and I lost 22 lbs! For me this wasn’t a journey to lose as much weight as possible. It was an opportunity to rest my body, mind and soul. It served as a chance to be more grounded and peaceful by removing my daily vices.

During the last week of my cleanse I got the opportunity to travel to Buffalo, NY to visit with the Goodnature family. I got to tour their facilities, be featured on their podcast (listen here), make juice with Charlie Wettlaufer & visit Niagara Falls!! He even talked me into running 5 miles 28 days into my cleanse! It went well but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for first time cleansers.

Both experiences have me very excited for the year ahead. I feel motivated, centered & grateful for the personal and business growth that lies ahead! Thanks for tuning in to my blog! I’ve included pictures from the cleanse, Goodnature trip and the links to the podcast & vlog. Oh and pics of our 3 month old son Levin Goode in the slideshow below!!

Happy 2019!!!

Cold Pressed Truth Podcast - Click here to listen

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