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Please join us on this journey as we continue to hit the RESET button in January! Our brand new Ruby Jean’s Cold Pressed RESET is a commitment to shifting away from unhealthy habits as it relates to ourselves as a whole. In the month of January, Ruby Jean's Juicery encourages anyone that comes across this campaign to start the year off with a foundation of self love through our 3 DAY CHALLENGE!

Sponsored by Liberty Fruit Co.


To begin we'll define "self love"

/self/ - a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

/lev/ - an intense feeling of deep affection

/self love/ - regard for one's own well-being and happiness


This challenge isn't a quick fix, it's not centered around losing weight and it's not your typical new year's resolution. Our self love campaign is centered around the idea that healthier lifestyles and a healthier world begin with self love. As we establish more of a lifestyle centered around self love, we believe that collectively we can conquer anything; including untimely death due to food related illnesses, rampant violence, racism and even this pandemic. SELF LOVE is the seed that requires daily nurturing, watering and true intentionality.

How will we encourage self love through this 3 day campaign you ask?:

To start each morning you will write "I LOVE U" "I LOVE U" "I LOVE U" on your bathroom mirror erasing the prior days writing at night (see video). More than simply writing this on your mirror, we encourage you to talk to yourself out loud each morning before writing this. This conversation with yourself should be encouraging, affirming and most importantly, honest. You pick the topic!

(I ) Alone time - 15 minutes each day spent with yourself, during this time you can pray, meditate or sit in complete silence. The most important part is that you have zero distractions and this time is 100% spent with yourself.

(L) Movement - 30 minutes minimum each day you will commit to moving your body. This can be walking, jogging, dancing, playing a sport or hitting the gym, the only requirement is that you move.

(O) Digital Reduction - whenever possible, remove all electronic touch points for 2 consecutive hours daily, ALL. No phones, computers, TV's, apple watches, GPS, crypto tracking, etc.

(V) Reading - 30 minutes of reading each day. Read something that interests you and contributes to your best future self

(E) Serving - 30 minutes of each day should be spent serving someone or someplace other than yourself. This could be picking up trash in your neighborhood or offering someone 30 minutes of free advice for your subject matter.

(U) Ruby Jean's 3 day RESET (for our local customers)


Anyone that posts their commitment to the Ruby Jean's Self Love Challenge will be extended 15% off on a 3 day (or longer) RESET to be used during the month of January.

January RESET purchasers will be gifted 3 free ginger wellness shots and entered into a giveaway for a Ruby Jean’s bundle including a $50 gift card and merchandise!


More than anything, we hope to encourage our community, city and country to embrace a solid foundation of self love. In our opinion, that requires grace, faith and consistency. Your year will be built on the foundation you create. These 3 days of intentionality could change your entire year, which could change your entire life. - With love, Ruby Jean's


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