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Ruby Jean is the late grandmother of founder and CEO, Chris Goode. She was born in Vian, Oklahoma, March 7, 1938, to Mable Holmes and Willie Drew. She was raised on a soul food diet and lived on very meager means, never in her life learning how to drive a car. She eventually moved to Kansas City, MO in the late 50’s with several other family members for a change of life, most notably inspired by her Aunt Rosa Lee Holmes who wed Ruby Jean's uncle.


She raised her family the same way she was raised, centered heavily on “soul” food. This included fried food, foods heavy on butter and seasoning salt. Her staple desserts were raisin pie, and sweet potato pie, along with delicious cornbread smothered in butter. Ruby Jean was a very shy, hard working woman who loved her family very much. Her hobbies were cooking for her family and pottery, creating cats and other knick knacks. She last worked at Superior Linen on 31 St. and Wayne, which is still in existence. Her home was at 3907 Wabash. After a battle with diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure largely attributed to her diet, she was transferred from Truman Medical Center to St Luke’s where she passed July 28, 1999.


Once owner & CEO, Chris Goode, was introduced to the world of juicing and shown the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by friends in Los Angeles, a passion for healthy living was birthed. Following his first juice cleanse, which lasted 10 days, he felt better than he ever had and immediately thought of his late grandmother and wished she had the knowledge and understanding of how important healthy eating and drinking truly was. Ruby Jean’s was birthed on pure passion behind the early departure of Ruby Jean and the owner’s extreme belief that his grandmother may still be around had she made subtle changes in her diet.


Ruby Jean’s Juicery was created with a passion for health and longevity of life in mind. Ruby Jean was a lady who connected her family and community members with a great sense of love and genuineness. Her legacy lives through providing that same level of care to the wide array of healthy options Ruby Jean’s Juicery offers. Ruby Jean’s is a place meant for relaxation in a fresh, hip, one of a kind environment. There is life in fruits and vegetables and that same life and passion are cornerstones of the Ruby Jean’s brand.







Ruby Jeans Juicery strives to create truly healthy beverages and snacks in an environment, which is welcoming and all-inclusive to our customers.

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