Beginner's Cleanse


$50 per day


Meta Boost

Vine Street Greens

No Sweat

Sweet Tart

Spicy Lemonade

Flavorded Alkaline Water (Lemon or Strawberry)


Please choose cleanse length, and flavored water option



Days of Cleanse
Flavored Water

    No refunds allowed on cleanses due to the perishable state of the juices. We also view cleansing to be a full commitment to your future self.

    Cleanses will be available for pickup 3 business days from your order. Production of cleanses does not include the weekend. If ordered on Thursday or Friday, plan for pickup on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. Due to the perishable state of the juices, a 3-5 day supply is provided at one time, and with the following juices available after each set of 3. Pick up is from our Ruby Jean's Juicery Troost location at 3000 Troost Ave. But please coordinate with us if you need to pick up from a different location. Delivery not available at the moment. 

    Discounts are not available on cold-pressed juice orders unless we are running a special specifically for cleanse packages.

    Ruby Jean's Juicery ownership, employees and others associated with the company are not medical professionals and do not provide medical advice. As with any diet or exercise regimen, consult your physician before beginning a juice cleanse. If you have medical questions related to cleansing, seek the advice of a medical doctor. The team at Ruby Jean's Juicery cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions, nor can they claim juicing/cleansing will cure or treat any medical conditions. Nothing on the Ruby Jean's Juicery website should be construed as medical advice. We are happy to answer questions, but nothing we suggest or advise should be taken as the final word. As always, seek the advice of a medical doctor if there is any doubt.






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