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If you would like to let us know how we are doing, we'd love to hear from you too. We hold our customer service to the up most highest standard. Leave some review love on Yelp, our Facebook page, or even Google+. Every review is important to us.




"I think it was the third time I came here that the man behind the counter remembered my name and my drink. His name was Chris. I found out he was the owner. He has been there every single time I've gone. This place is a dream. They are so committed to a whole, entirely healthy lifestyle and it shows. It shows in their drinks, in their food, in their hospitality and their bright, spacious building. It shows in the gym downstairs and the yoga sessions they host. It shows in the very diverse group of patrons I always see around. It shows in Chris's willingness to customize a juice or smoothie for a person and in the worker's general knowledge of what makes a great experience. This place has some serious heart and some serious work behind it and it shows. Ruby Jean's is by far one of my favorite places in KC to support with my dollars."


"I'm quite the connoisseur of juice bars, from New York to California, I've frequented more than most people will visit in a life time... It's like a bad addiction. Some I dislike, some I love, and some are just different... This falls into the latter, and I mean that in the best of ways. Ruby Jean's is basically the 'Cheers' of juice bars and the owner has done an excellent job at attracting a diverse demographic that extends beyond the upper class Whole Foods consumer. I appreciate that. 

But what I appreciate most, because it's kind of hard to mess up juice, is the staff. I've yet to have an employee that wasn't above average on service, which is something I can't exactly say about too many places."

"I have so many awesome things to say about this place, I almost don't know where to start. The menu ranges from juices and smoothies to protein balls and avocado toast. My favorite thing to order is the "Butter Crunch" smoothie--I'm essentially peanut butter's number one fan so this is for sure my go to.

Also! The location and environment just radiates good vibes. There are fun games and plenty of seating out on the front patio, and once you come inside it's so bright and cheery. It just makes you happy. It's a cool place to sip on your drink and hang with friends.

The owner, Chris, is usually somewhere around the shop and genuinely cares about his customers. He's always open to requests and feedback. It's a pretty cool and unique thing to be able to interact directly with the person in charge of a place like this.

Ruby Jean's is a must try."


"KALE-YEAH!!! That's a drink on the menu along with other creative names. FINALLY a place in KC that doesn't cut corners. Quality over quantity which is extremely rare to come by. Yes you might have to pay $1 more than what I would call competition, but reality is, there's nothing like this place in KC. I travel all across the country juicing when I can. This is definitely a rare treat!!! 

I will mention that the atmosphere is pretty cool as well. Definitely worth stopping by and checking out. This is a juice version of a coffee shop where you can come and study, do homework, read a book, work, or just relax. The owner has even provided iPads for the customers!!! 

You can't go wrong with this place and I will definitely be a frequent visitor here!!!

Also, I will comment and say the owner is cool too! I had a chance to speak with him about why he opened this place and why he chose the location that he did and I must say, we need more people like him in our world!!! If he's ever in while you're visiting enjoying their menu and have a chance to speak with him, he's definitely a unique guy!"

"It's always nice to find a truly local spot and this is definitely one of them.  Right in the heart of Westport this place has awesome smoothies and some of the most friendly workers I have come across. The decor is welcoming, bright, and healthy. If you peek behind the counter you can see the wonderful, fresh, colorful ingredients that go into each beverage. 

1) Kale Yeah - wow! This is a frequent flier to my palate. One of the tastiest ways to get kale. The cashews are a great compliment to the kale. And these cashews are off white like the ones that we get in India. So fresh and Not contaminated by unnecessary additives. And who doesn't love a banana?

2) Butter Crunch - this one will definitely satisfy the chocolate tooth hiding in your mouth (we all have one). I'm a sucker for peanut butter as well so the best of both worlds."


"Ruby Jean's is by far the best juicery I've been to. From the atmosphere to the flavors, Ruby Jeans has got it covered. It's centrally located in the city and is connected to a gym! This is a much needed business in the area and I've definitely benefited from their existence. The staff is always friendly and the place is always clean.


On busy days, it can take some time to get your order, but that's expected because the juice is made fresh to order. However, if you don't want to wait they do have some pre-made juices. Another great option that Ruby Jean's offer is the ability to order weeks worth of juice. So if you're planning a detox or just want to juice it out for a week or so, you don't have to come in everyday.


A side from juice, Ruby Jean's also offer healthy snacks. Another thing I like about this place is that the owner actually works there! It's not unusual to see Mr. Goode behind the counter serving up drinks. If you haven't been to Ruby Jean's, you should definitely check them out!"

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