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Who doesn't love celebrating the Holidays full of family gatherings and parties? Also, who doesn't love indulging in all of the festive cocktails and food there is to offer? I know I do! So as the end of the year approaches and your social calendar begins to fill up, now is the perfect time to think about how to prep your body for those extra calories you'll be taking in.

Rather than a quick fix or a way to justify the indulgence, cleansing provides a pathway to a healthier lifestyle. It works in several ways:

1. It clears your body of the toxins that stimulate cravings!

It's already hard enough to resist several slices of Grandma's pumpkin pie, but with "healthier", almost non-existing cravings taking over your body, it'll be easier to say no to another piece.

2. It creates a healthy balance!

No need to feel too restricted when constantly cleansing your body. It starts to become easier to recover from a few cocktails, or a holiday treat, if it's coming from a balanced place of optimal health.

3. Gives your digestion system a nice little break!

After years and years of constant digestion work (many 3 am Taco Bell runs after a night of drinking, yikes!) A juice cleanse will help reset your system and flush out tons of toxins.

4. Weight loss!

Now with that being said, this is not a instant miracle worker. With the absence of solid food, you will lose water weight over the course of your cleanse. But keeping up with the "healthier" eating post-cleanse, the weight loss will continue through good nutrition and fitness.

Let's face it – not everyone thinks about "starting fresh" or having a "new start" until the New Year. We all put it off until Jan. 1st, when we're feeling at our worst and walking into that gym hoping to lose all of the holiday weight. It's the cliche' thing to do right? Wrong! In fact, entering the holiday season with a detoxed, "feeling amazing" attitude, because of your juice cleanse, you'll be able to kick start your 2017 health journey ahead of the game.

Cheers to the holidays and already feeling your best!

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